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angels, humans & Robots

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Angels, Humans & Robots - V1

by Betsie Larkin Presents Larke

‘Angels, Humans & Robots’ presents Betsie Larkin's work in mix comp form, adding a whole new perspective to an artistic experience the likes of which only Betsie can bring. It lands this February 12th.

Vol. 1 of ‘Angels, Humans & Robots’ naturally features music from Betsie's own oeuvre, including her just-released single, ‘We Are The Sound’ as well as last year’s sign-in, ‘Robot Poetry’. It also sports her first-time 2015 team-ups with Paul van Dyk & Las Salinas on ‘Love Is’ and the Dennis Sheperd co-production, ‘Let It Rain’.

From the studios of some of her favorite producers, intermixed between, are many of Larkin’s current and recent clubland highlights. Among them is plenty of vocal-oriented fuel, including LTN’s take on Lyonheart’s ‘Amelia’ and the lament-laden ‘An Autumn Tale’ from Beat Service & Ana Criado. Also on board are Heikki L & Darude’s update of Andain’s classic ‘Beautiful Things’, Duderstadt/Cozi team-up ‘Ordinary World’ and others. 

Betsie Larkin lives in San Francisco where she also runs a fashion startup, HoneyBuns, and serves as an advisor for Kindly Care.

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